Lindsey Graham To Make Virtual Visit

Lexington High School class will converse with the U.S. senator via the Internet

Logistics mean everything.

Michael Burgess's American Government class at Lexington High School can't just up and go to Washington, D.C. And U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) can't just hop down here now that the Congress is back in session.

So the two will meet in cyberspace instead.

Burgess's class, known for having guest speakers, has scheduled Sen. Graham for a Feb. 8 talk to the class, which will be conducted through the Internet-based video chat application, Skype.

"Elected officials and political reporters often visit his class to give students a real-world opportunity to examine, explore and analyze key issues facing our nation and state," says a Lexington One press release.

"Driven by their research and planning, students guide the conversations with the guests in order to help them compare, contrast and reflect upon the different ideas, positions and perspectives presented," the release added. "With these experiences, Burgess works to help his students become involved and effective citizens."

Burgess, along with the school and district officials, also plan to make the cyber-chat open to the media to attend.


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