Budget Veto Recap: How Did They Vote?

A breakdown of how Midlands House and Senate members voted on Gov. Haley's vetoes.

The attached pdfs allow voters to review how House and Senate members representing the Midlands voted last week on all 81 of Gov. Nikki Haley’s budget vetoes. On many of the vetoes the governor included an explanation as to why she was vetoing the item.

74 of the vetoes came to the General Appropriations Fund and the remaining seven are for the Capital Reserve Fund.

A “Yes” vote by a member of the Assembly is one that wishes to override Gov. Haley’s veto. A “No” sustains the veto. A two-thirds majority is required to override the governor’s veto in both the House and Senate.

In those instances where the House sustained Gov. Haley’s veto, the Senate was not required to vote. 

In some cases, the House or Senate or both, opted to re-vote on a veto. In those cases, both votes are recorded.

Midlands members of the General Assembly are:

Senate 18 - Ronnie Cromer (R)

Senate 19 - John Scott (D)

Senate 20 - John Courson (R)

Senate 21 - Darrell Jackson (D)

Senate 22 - Joel Lourie (D)

Senate 23 - Jake Knotts (R)

Senate 36 - Nikki G. Setzler (D)

House 39 - Marion Frye (R)            

House 69 - Rick Quinn (R)

House 71 - Nathan Ballentine (R)           

House 72 - James Smith (D)

House 73 - Christopher Hart (D)

House 76 - Leon Howard (D)

House 77 - Joe McEachern (D)

House 78 - Joan Brady (R)

House 79 - Mia Butler Garrick (D)

House 80 - Jimmy Bales (D)

House 85 - Chip Huggins (R)

House 87 - Todd Atwater (R)

House 88 - McLain R. "Mac" Toole (R)


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