Local photographer wins lottery, NOT!

Those would probably be my last words before I passed out from excitement.  I imagine I would wake up on the floor and pinch myself and pass out again.  Once I regained my composure, I would probably lose it immediately and run out of the house yelling, "I won!  I won!

Have you ever thought what you would do after winning?  Would you quit your job?  Would you tell off your boss?  Would you go on a spending spree?

I have been driving around this morning running errands and thinking about it.   I would take it in one lump sum.  I think that would be about $375 million.  Let's give Uncle half and I still have close to $190 million left.  I would  invest half for later but that leaves around $95 million "to play with".  With these initial details out of the way, here are the "funner" things to do.

First, I would ask my wife if she is ready to resign her job.  She has worked hard all of her life and deserves a few decades of down time.  Second,  would be to purchase a modest RV so we could travel whenever we wanted.  Third, I would  buy my sister a nice house.  She has unselfishely taken care of my mother's needs for the better part of 30 years.  Fourth, I would pay off any debts that my brother has since he has spent a fortune taking care of my mother's financial obligations.  Fifth, I would make sure my son and his wife were set financially.  I would also give a substancial amount to a few charities I favor.

My final item would be to buy a building for a gallery to be used exclusively by Charleston photographers to show their work free of charge  

I also thought about telling off a few people that irritate me but I would probably not get as much pleasure from that as one might think.

So, it looks like I would have little trouble blowing through a large chunk of my cash right away.  I know, I know.  It's easy being magnanimous when it is only wishful thinking.

What would you do...if you won big.

Michael Kaynard is a local photographer who lives in West Ashley.  His photos can be found at http://kaynardphotography.webs.com.  He can be reached at mkaynard@gmail.com or 843-412-2299.

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